Residential Roofing



Residential Roofing

Choosing the right Dewsbury roofing contractor can be a daunting task. It’s not easy to find an experienced Dewsbury residential roofer who is also affordable. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors specialize in Dewsbury residential roof services. We are committed to providing you with excellent customer service while delivering high-quality Dewsbury residential roofing work at competitive prices.

What is residential roofing?

Residential roofing is the installation, replacement and repair of Dewsbury residential roofs. A home’s flat or sloped roof is its most prominent part; it can also be the house’s least appealing feature if it isn’t attractive.

Fortunately, with Ridgemount Roofing Contractors, you don’t have to settle for boring homes that lack curb appeal because our experienced team has worked on thousands of different Dewsbury roofs over the years!

Residential roofing services

Flat roofs

Flat rooftops are common in industrial buildings but uncommon in commercial structures except where space is limited, such as warehouses and carports. They allow large areas covered by a single surface without structural support for vertical loads. A problem with flat roofs is that the surface area may collect rainwater as runoff if there are problems in water drainage.

Roof conversions

Flat-roofed houses sometimes have their roofs changed to a steeper pitch, making them more able to drain correctly and shed snow accumulations effectively. The main reason behind this conversion is ice dams caused by melting accumulated snow on sloped rooftops during cold spells – leading to leakage into houses below, which can create significant damage over time or flooding when it fails catastrophically. Another common cause for roof pitch change involves basements used as living space with low ceilings under steeply pitched roofs, where there is inadequate headroom at standard seated height.

Flat extensions

Flat extensions are created by adding a new floor to the top of an existing building. This type of roofing service is often used in basements that are low ceiling height or where large windows need to be placed on roofs for better views and light.

New roofs

Installing a brand-new roof can come with numerous benefits, such as making your home more energy-efficient, creating space for solar panels if desired, plus helping keep out moisture which could lead to rot or mould infestations inside walls long term – resulting in added health problems over time.

Chimney repairs

Chimneys are the most vulnerable part of your home’s exterior, as they can be damaged by heavy rain and high winds. It is critical to ensure that ice dams do not form on top of this structure or that structural damage occurs due to erosion or water infiltration leaking into the insulation layer between bricklayers.

Roof repairs

Roof maintenance and minor repairs are typically pretty simple jobs as far as residential roof services go. For example, we could repair some minor leaks with an application of sealant or patches if they aren’t too large.

Roof replacement

This type of service involves removing your current shingle or asphalt roof entirely and installing a new one in its place – sometimes called a tear-off.


Lead was commonly used on roofs around 50 years ago when more affordable materials started being used, such as terracotta and concrete tiles.

Fascias and soffits

These are boards that run along the edges of roofs, soffits being those closest to your home’s exterior walls, which prevent moisture from entering them as well as causing damage over time due to rotting or rusting caused by rainwater intrusion. Fascias sit directly below these boards and protect the lower parts of your homemade out of wood – typically window frames, doors and sills – against water infiltration.

Installation and repairs of guttering

Gutter systems collect debris such as leaves and other plant growth before directing it away from your roof to avoid problems with drainage accumulation on top of shingle layers or leaks around the gutter system.


Re-roofing is a good choice for those who need to restore their roof but can’t afford the price tag of replacing it.