Flat Roofs



Flat Roofs

You may not think there is much to know about flat roofs, but you would be surprised at how many Dewsbury homeowners don’t understand their benefits. Flat roofs are designed for regions with high rainfall. They are also the best option when it comes to conserving space in your home or business.

What is a Flat Roof?

A flat roof has a continuous, level surface made of materials designed to make it waterproof. We can build flat roofs from ordinary felt or shingles and sealants.

Benefits of Flat Roofs

Flat roofs offer more benefits than other roof types, including:

• Space saver. A flat roof saves space in your home or business. It can be installed where another type of roofing may not fit properly because it is too steep or tall.

• Highly durable materials are used to construct flat roofs, making them very strong and resistant to damage from extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainfall, windstorms, etc.

Types of Flat Roofs

There are many different types of flat roofs on the market you need to choose between depending on what works best for your residence or commercial building needs. Some popular examples include

EPDM rubber roof

The EPDM rubber roof is made out of rubber and is one the most popular types in the market today. It comes with a smooth surface, which makes it very easy to clean and resistant to damage from sunlight exposure.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is a solid and sturdy material designed to withstand rough weather conditions or extreme cold. Modified bitumen roofs are great for commercial buildings, warehouses and even factories.

Built-up felt roof

This comprises four layers: felt, tar paper or asphalt saturated in hot liquid bitumen. This type of roof is suitable for extreme climates.

TPO-rubber roofs

TPO is an abbreviation for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, which means that this material will not crack or damage when exposed to sunlight or extremely low temperatures. It has a smooth surface making it very easy to maintain, thus creating the perfect roofing solution for commercial buildings such as hospitals where hygiene matters most. The TPO material also provides excellent insulation against noise pollution from outside sources allowing your building residents to enjoy peace of mind all day long without the disruption caused by environmental noises.

Single ply roof

This is where a single layer of membrane material such as EPDM rubber or modified bitumen are used to cover the entire roof surface. The best part about this type of flat roof is that they can be installed quickly, easily and affordably on any structure, including new construction building projects, making them more popular among homeowners who want to save some money without compromising quality.

Flat Roof Services

Flat roof repairs

This is where a section of the flat roof that already exists gets damaged or requires some repair. The good news is that you can do many types of repairs depending on your budget and requirements, including patching, sealing cracks, repairing flashings around vents & pipes, installing new flashing for better protection, etc.

Flat roof replacements

If the roof is severely damaged or there’s a large section of it that needs replacement instead, this option would be your best bet.

Roof coatings and sealants

This is an excellent option if you’re looking for an exterior solution to protect your flat roof from sun damage.

New flat roofs

This is the most complex and costly out of all three options, but if you want to go for an entirely new clean slate without worrying about any damage happening, then perhaps investing in a brand-new flat roof might be what you need.

Guttering installation and gutter repair

If you’re looking for a long-term solution to protect your flat roof from water damage, then this would be the service to go with.