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At Ridgemount roofing contractors, we have been roofing homes and businesses in Dewsbury for over 12 years. We are a family-run roofing company that is committed to providing the best roofing services possible. If you want a roofer who will do everything they can to make sure your home or business is safe from water damage, give us a call today!

Who are we?

Ridgemount Roofing Contractors are roofers in Dewsbury who have been roofing homes and businesses for many years. Our roofers are committed to providing the best roofing experience possible.

Our story

Established in ____, Ridgemount Roofing Contractors has provided exceptional services throughout Dewsbury. We stand by our work 100%, and we aim to make sure that all of our customers get what they want from their home or business roofing project! If you need a roofer, who is experienced, reliable, and will do everything he can to provide you with peace of mind when working on your home or business roof, give us a call today!

Our core values

We value our customers and their roofing projects highly. When you come to us, we will listen carefully to your roof problems for us to make the necessary roof repairs or provide roof maintenance services that are simply perfect!

Why should you choose us?

When choosing a roofer, safety must come first, and we always make sure that safety is our number one priority. We also work hard to provide roofing jobs at the highest quality, speed, and customer satisfaction!

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Services we offer

Residential Roofing

If you have a residential building, chances are roofing will be required at some point. Whether roof replacement or roof repairs, we are the roofers to call!

Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roof repair services can help you get your business back up and running in no time by fixing any damage caused by leaks, wind, water, or fire. We provide all types of flat roofing systems that are perfect for warehouses and office buildings too!

Industrial Roofing

Industrial roofs need special attention when it comes to roof maintenance. They usually require a lot more work than residential roofs due to their size and weight. When this type of roof is not maintained correctly, it could lead to severe problems, so make sure yours is looked after!

Roof repair

Roofs require regular roof repair to remain in top condition, especially if the roof is older or has been damaged. If your roof is not maintained correctly, it could lead to severe problems, so contact Ridgemount Roofing Contractors for roof repair

Roof maintenance

A roof needs to be maintained for it to remain in good condition. Routine roof maintenance is vital and will help your roof last longer, so if you’re looking for roofers in Dewsbury, then look no further than Ridgemount Roofing Contractors!

Fascias and Soffits

Fascias are commonly referred to as soffit boards. These are both types of roof materials used around the roof’s edge. These products safeguard against any water damage caused by wind-driven rain, ice dams forming on insulated roofs, rotting wood behind fascia boards, and mould growth under eaves.

Gutter Repairs

Gutter repairs can be one of those jobs that homeowners put off until they notice a problem with their roof. If you have roof damage due to a clogged or damaged gutter, it’s best to get this fixed before more serious roof problems occur.

Loft conversion

By adding roof windows or roof skylights, you can make the interior of your home brighter. These roof additions also allow more natural light to enter, which is especially useful if there are no other lighting sources within the room that gets lots of sunlight.

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“I had a wonderful experience with this roofing contractor! They came on time and installed a new roof faster than we had been told it would take. The promotional offer was just fine and our budget was enough for a quality roof.”

– Aileen Summers
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Is there a charge for roofing estimates?

Yes, we do not provide roofing quotes without charging our clients because it takes up human resources and time to get an accurate roof estimate together. The cost for roof repairs is often minimal compared to other expenses homeowners face to maintain their roofs properly.

How do I know if a roofing company is legit?

When roofers are looking for roofing jobs, they may advertise themselves in local magazines or online. You can usually tell if a roofer is legit just by their website – most good roofers will have professional and informative websites, so people know who they are!

Are there any hidden costs or extra charges added to the final bill for my roofing job?

There are no hidden fees when you contract with Ridgemount Roofers. We inform all potential customers about what they can expect from us before beginning work on your home’s roof by providing them with our free written quote. It would help if you never had to deal with roofing contractors that play any games when it comes to the price of roof repairs or roof replacement.

Can I see some examples of your work to understand how my roofing job could turn out?

At Ridgemount Roofing Contractors, we provide many pictures on our website that show off the different kinds of roofs we’ve done over the years. This way, you can see what type of quality repairs come from hiring us!

How long does a roofing estimate take?

The time will vary based on how big your roof is and what type of work needs to be done, but we promise you’ll be amazed at how quickly we can provide an accurate cost for your roof job. We don’t believe in wasting our clients’ time by making them wait around while we try and figure out what they need –we always have professional estimators ready to go as soon as possible, so there’s no waiting required.

Does roofing require a lot of labour?

No, roofing doesn’t require a lot of labour. It requires very little compared to other types of construction jobs because it’s relatively straightforward –you’re just replacing one flat surface with another. Of course, there is some labor involved in the actual roof installation process (manual labour), but that’s necessary for any roof replacement or repair work, window repair, and gutter repairs.

Are roofers giving guarantees?

Yes, we always give our clients a warranty on all parts installed on their roof project so you can feel confident about your choice to hire Ridgemount Roofing Contractors for your next roof job!

How do I pick a good roofer?

Picking a good roofer is not always easy, and you want to make sure they have the knowledge, experience, and roofing certification needed for your roof job. As well as a reasonable price!

Do most roofing companies use subcontractors?

Most roofing companies will use subcontractors for larger roof jobs, but not all of them. So be sure to check in with your chosen roofer about who they may or may not hire on the job!

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