Commercial Roofing



Commercial Roofing

Commercial roofing is a large market, and Ridgemount Roofing Contractors knows that there are many options available to you when it comes to commercial roofing. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors has been in the industry for many years, so we can help you figure out which type of commercial roof will best suit your needs.

What is commercial roofing?

Commercial roofing is for large buildings, typically larger than residential ones. When we work on commercial roofs, the most common type is metal roofing. However, several options are available to you for commercial roofing, so Ridgemount Roofing Contractors can help you determine which one will suit your needs best.

Types of Commercial Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their durability and many aesthetic benefits, including a modern look that fits into any setting or design for business owners and building managers alike. This includes steel panels that come in different types. These include Galvalume Steel (zinc-aluminum coating), pre-painted aluminum, verdigris copper, which has a green color, copper, which is the most expensive option but has an extremely long life span and does not require any maintenance.

Thermoplastic PVC and TPO Roof Membrane

Ridgemount Roofing Contractors are commercial roofing experts in Dewsbury and can provide you with the best quality TPO membrane products. This material is durable, resistant to various chemicals, UV rays, oxidation, and aging due to its unique makeup. These membranes also come with a warranty that will guarantee your satisfaction!

Green Roofing

This type of roofing has many benefits: creating a strong, resilient structure, it is waterproof and made from organic materials such as wood, soil, and plants which can create an insulating layer to help with heating or cooling costs in the building. It also acts as insulation for your home by holding heat or cold inside, so you don’t lose energy through what’s on top of your head! Ridgemount Roofing Contractors are green choice experts who specialize in commercial rooftop installation.

Spray-On Silicon

This type of commercial roofing is a solution for long-term waterproofing that requires little to no maintenance. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors are ready and able to assist your commercial building with this fantastic product!

Thermoset EPDM Roof Membrane

We know how important it is for roofs to do their job, which means being tough enough not to be punctured by heavy objects like trees or construction equipment. Thermoplastic EPDM has the same durability as traditional rubber membrane but is lighter in color and can reflect heat better than other membranes. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors have been installing these products for years, so you know we’re pros at getting them done right!

Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Membrane

This type of commercial roofing is composed of asphalt-saturated felt that is bonded to both substrates providing you with many benefits, including complete coverage protection from weather elements such as wind, rain, snow, etc. They are water-pervious, making them great for roofs in climates where it snows or frequently rains because if there were ponding on top, this would allow for water to disperse into your insulation instead of accumulating all at once, causing damage when freezing occurs. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors can help replace BUR membrane damaged by hail events quickly and affordably.

Shingle Roofing

Shingles have been around for centuries now, but they’re still one of the most popular types of roofs on new structures or as replacements for older buildings. A shingle roof has multiple layers of asphalt tiles which protect against water penetration while also providing insulation from hot/cold temperatures throughout the year. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors install only high-quality materials so you know you get the best possible materials for your commercial roofing project.

Types of Commercial Buildings We Roof


Industrial roofs are among the most common commercial roofing types. They can have many different specifications depending on your needs. Still, Ridgemount Roofing Contractors know precisely what to do to ensure that you get a high-quality product for an unbeatable price.

Luxury Home or Estate

Ridgemount Roofing Contractors provides luxury homes with high-quality materials like copper roofing which gives a lovely sheen and added durability against weather conditions in Dewsbury.


Ridgemount Roofing Contractors is a commercial roofer that can give your restaurant an aesthetically pleasing look with our TPO roof material.

Multi-Dwelling Unit

Several types of multi-dwelling units, like condos, apartments, and townhouses, need commercial roofs that are watertight to prevent leaks. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors have the right expertise for this type of roof, so we can guarantee it will be appropriately waterproofed after installation is complete.


Retail buildings, such as department stores, have several different requirements for commercial roofing. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors is available for all types of retail roofs and can answer any questions you may have about your specific building’s needs.


Offices need quality commercial roofing that will stand up to the wear and tear from weather conditions, including rain/snow/hail storms as well as extreme temperatures throughout the year. Ridgemount Roofing Contractors have years of experience with office buildings in Dewsbury, so we know exactly what materials will work best for your business or corporation.

Hotel and Lodging

Ridgemount Roofing Contractors install commercial roofs made of high-quality materials like TPO roof membranes that give hotel or lodging buildings an aesthetically pleasing look while protecting them from the elements.